Honda Ridgeline


Installation Instructions

Tools Needed

T40 Torx Bit

10 MM Socket

14 MM Socket

Ratchet Wrench

Phillips Screwdriver

Flat Head Screwdriver


Installation Steps

1.Remove the 4 screws in the tailgate cap.


2.With a soft mallet softly and carefully tap on the left hand end of the tailgate cap about

1. Then lift the cap off. Be Careful not to loose the 18 plastic clips that hold the cap on, save them for reassembly later.





3.Remove the 7 Torx bolts holding the back of the tailgate.



4.Remove the 2 top bolts holding the tailgate latch mechanism using the 10MM socket.



5.Slide the DynoLock under the mechanism.

6.Once in place, replace the latch mechanism and tighten them.


7.Attach the short cable to the actuator and route it to the lower left corner of the tailgate.


8.Find the black plastic body plug located under the vehicle directly beneath the center pillar between the drivers side front and back doors.

9.Remove the body plug and cut a hole in the plug large enough for the plain end of the long cable to pass through.

10.Slide the plug down the large cable far enough to get it out of the way. After completing the install the plug will be put back in place.

11.Inside the vehicle remove the front and back door sill plastic panels that unsnap with light pressure.

12.Use the 14MM socket to remove the seatbelt anchor bolt.

13.Remove the seatbelt spring and sensor mechanism using the 10MM socket.

14.Remove the plastic panel that snaps over the center pillar.

15.Push the sound deadening foam towards the front of the vehicle. Notice the small space in the frame on the left side of the pillar. This is where the plain end of the cable will be routed.


16.Fish the plain end of the long cable through the hole where you removed the body plug and the space described in step 15.


17.Pull about 12 of cable into the cab.







18.Open the cable small cable harness that enters the center pillar about 3.

19.Locate the silver dotted yellow wire and the silver dotted yellow wire with a black stripe.

20.Using the blue Scotch-lock wire taps attach the wires from the long cable to the wires located in step 19.

21.Route the connector end of the long cable under the vehicle to the lower drivers side of the tailgate. Be careful to avoid all moving parts. Use the provided tie wraps to secure the cable in place.

22.Attach the long cable to the short cable.

23.Test the lock by activating the lock switch. If the lock works in reverse swap the wires at the actuator.

Remember the lock operates with the rear doors when using the remote.

23.Stow any excess cable so it will not show when the tailgate is reassembled .

24.Reassemble everything.

25.Enjoy the ease and security of having an automatic electric tailgate lock.
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